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1953 Alpine rally plate - not MYT

The Second part of Mrs Jean Moss's AMOC Talk 'a DB2 with Attitude'

What do we do with it ?, well Jack & Michael had a Mk111 each & had started competing in AMOC Sprints & Hillclimbs, so they decided to build a car purely for competition use.

They still had the bonnet from Mikeís 1st DB2 DHC accident so Jackís colleague Tom Butler at Four Ashes, set about the bonnet with his panel hammer, it hadnít got to be concours but look reasonably OK. 

By 1970 MYT had taken to the track, she has had several drivers since then & I am sure that every one would agree she is special, the 1st to drive was Tom Butler who also had the Mk111 prototype, 63 KMY.

Jack drove her occasionally but he preferred his Mk111 Saloon.

It was soon decided that what she needed was someone who could drive her to her ability, a local hotel manager, Craig Dent had some interesting Astonís that he had raced over the previous few years.

Craig became the next driver from 1971 to 1974 with Tom & myself (Mrs Jean Moss) occasionally driving her, Craig gave her & Four Ashes a 1st victory, a Feltham class win at Curborough, when he left the area it was time to look for someone else.

A pal of Ianís, Steve Bamford, had worked at the garage serving petrol as a teenager & then worked with Ian at Astonís, he had competed in his Mini Cooper & then bought KMY & competed in that in 1974, Jack noticed that he was quick & smooth, the style that may suit MYT best without wrecking it.

Steve  first drove the car at AMOC Wiscombe in the spring of 1975 & won the Feltham class on Scratch (fastest) & on Handicap.

The next event was AMOC Brands Hatch a few weeks later in which Steve & the car came 2nd in the Feltham race.

So started a winning combination which at times held every record in AMOC Feltham class events in the UK.

For the first few years it retained its 3 ltr engine until 2 weeks before Oulton Park in 1982 when we were told that if it turned up with a 3ltr engine it wouldnít be allowed to run. 

We took a sales carís freshly built engine, fitted MYTís head complete, fitted Twin SUís & proceeded to go even faster, Steve & MYT won the race & a new lap record to boot.

There were a lot of late nights in those 2 weeks, the engine had a lower compression ratio but the was more driveable than on the Webers, Alan Wheatley still believed that the car had a 3ltr engine, visually identical but declined the offer to see it stripped.

In 1983 Four Ashes built another race car (A DB2/4 Mk1 KAK 640) & MYT, with a freshly built 2.6ltr race engine was sold to Ian Stowe, who at the time was working in Germany for an oil firm & wasnít allowed to race the car himself.

He wanted the car to carry on competing so he asked Steve Bamford to continue to drive it.

Mike died in November 1982 & in the spring of 1983 Ian asked me if I was going to continue to compete, I said if I was if at all possible, to which he replied Ďwould you like to double drive MYT with Steveí

This turned out to be a very good arrangement, Steve did the circuit racing & we shared the car in AMOC (and any other ) Sprints & Hillclimbs.

I might add I never did beat him & I did try very hard.

With Steve winning most of his races & breaking many Feltham records I happily did very well against other Aston ladies & getting the odd second or third place against general competition.

Over the years we have learnt a little of MYTs history & one of its previous owners was Mr Tippets whose daughter is Briony Serrell who now owns & competes in her late fathers Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk11. 

from 20/09/10

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