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1953 Alpine rally plate - not MYT
The early team.
Denys Wolstenholme (1920 to 23/12/2007) was the mechanic for Alex McMillan, the two having been somehow involved in Rochdale Motor Bodies early in that companies life, Denys looked after all ? of McMillans cars from the ex Gilbert Tyrer BMW 328 Mille Miglia or even before (BMW328) through when he owned the ex Gillie Tyrer Jaguar D-Type XKD 517 (registered TKF 9) right up until MacMillan retired from driving due to an errant flywheel.
More on the D-Type, the Murkett brothers bought the car for eventual Ford supremo Henry Taylor to drive, then the Border Reivers bought it for Jim Clark to drive.......

 drove his own cars in sprints & hillclimbs certainly in later years, even in 2005 - an Austin 7 special, possibly 750 mc races in earlier times.
He was a successful
powerboat racer aswell.

The usual suspects in happier times than 2020
The regular drivers
Steve Bamford (second from the left with the glasses on)& Jean Moss (far right)at AMOC
Donington - October 2008
The other players in the photo are:
Lesley Bamford 1st left, Edward & Ben Bamford 3rd & 2nd from right.
(Photo courtesy of Anne Reed)

Ages in of Stephen Bamford & Jean Moss 2010:
56 & ?

StoneMason & Garage Proprietor, respectively

Favourite Music:
Stephen - the Stones, Pink Floyd, Jean - Dire Straights, most easy listening music

& One of the original Team, Ernest Juer, the co driver from the Alpine Rally in 1953, Gerry & Ernest may have been the first to race / rally the car, we have included him  as a  'Honarary Member' of the Team  
We recently met Ernest after the Goodwood Revival Sunday (19/09/10).
A charming man, now in his late 80's, he flew Hurricanes then arrived at Westhampnett airfield (Goodwood after the war) & flew Spitfires in late 1940. 
He 1st met Gerry Burgess when Gerry rescued him after Ernest had a disagreement with a Spitfire landing at Heston, an airfield near where Gerry eventually had his factory after the war (Hanworth trading estate).
Ernest then flew Mosquito's for the last 4 years of the war even collecting a few from Canada. 

The Funders.
People who have funded
MYT's exploits over the years.

Gerry Burgess

Alex McMillan

Jack Moss via Four Ashes &
possibly Mike Moss.

Ian Stowe with input still from Four Ashes Garage

Chris Adams & Jean Moss to purchase the car

Chris Adams since 2004

from 20/09/10

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The preparers
Jack Moss, Michael Moss & Tom Butler were the 1st of the Four Ashes Garage team to look after MYT after it was bought to repair the bonnet of a customers car, other people to look after the car have been employee's of Four Ashes, Ian R Moss, Stephen Bamford, Chris Adams, Neil Priday, Guy Moss, Matt Pilbeam are amongst those.
Although not the only preparer of MYT
(as stated there have been many over the years) Chris Adams worked on the car in the 1st couple of weeks of joining Four Ashes at 16 yrs old, and has built most of the more successful engines that have been fitted to the car since 1976, he has also had a hand in some (or most) of its exploits -                                                    
 hDSCF3575ere he is building MYTís  

engine in October 2008 -
he drove the car for the 1st time in July 2007, seen in the Donington 2008 photo 3rd from right, This was the second time he drove it.

Other Preparers over the years
Jack Moss - The Owner of Four Ashes until 2003, (The Gaffer !) one of the brains behind the 1st 20 years of Four Ashes ownership of  MYT & beyond (the 1970's & 80's)


Seen here at Loton Park in Ian Stowe's 1.5 ltr, more photo's on the Gallery Page

Michael Moss - Jack's son, instigator of Four Ashes involvement with Aston Martin's is in the Gallery Page

There have been several helpers, called the crew, over the years.

Tom Butler - Another of the crew from the early 70's
Here are the most recent crew.
From Left: James Hipwell,
Pawel Kozurno (Paul)
both ex-Four Ashes employees as of Sept 2014.
Stephen Bamford (one of the drivers)
Chris Adams (part owner of car & Four Ashes Garage Ltd)
Edward Bamford

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