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1953 Alpine rally plate - not MYT

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Name: Simon Moss Email:
Welcome Page: 
Country:  UK Date: 24 Sep 2010 19:21:15 GMT

Comment: Still looking for the Snetterton 50's photo but found some of Wiscombe in the 70's. One driver I'm not sure of - did Roy Tetther ever drive the car ? Simon. PS will scan these over soon

Name: Craig Dent Email: cdent43@gmail.com
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Country: UK  Date: 26 Apr 2011 14:32:09 GMT

Comment: Just found web site on MYT 625 and read Chris Adams' summary of the car..... although Chris mentioned triple Webers he didn't mention the quirky bit! they were downdraughts and were mounted at 90 degrees to the engine and the inlet manifolds had to sweep down and twist though 90 degrees in TWO directions to mate up with the inlet ports! MYT was quite a car and I'm sorry not to have driven her after she was further modified! Can't remember chipping first gear Chris??? Regards to all who drive her. Craig Dent

Name: Chris Adams Email: chrisadams132@virginmedia.com
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 2 Jul 2011 20:48:25 GMT

Comment: Hi Craig, Nice to get a comment from you. No I didn't mention the carbs & manifolds, they were early DB3 carbs & inlet manifolds, they used to burn out piston's on MYT (and I guess the DB3 itself as no car racing today uses the vertical types) with regularity as I recall. However, recently I have been thinking about these carbs & I recon we can make them work, except for the fact that they were no longer with the car when Jean & I bought the car in about 2006, it was on SUs as it has been since just before 1981 Oulton Park 

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